Feng Shui Tips

  • Keep the front of your home looking gorgeous and inviting, as this represents your ability to attract opportunities.  In Feng Shui terminology this is known as the "Red Bird", the most important aspect of Form School theory.
  • To enhance the Red Bird in business, focus on clear signage, a great entrance and appealing window display to attract customers.  If your business uses a website, keep it relevant, user-friendly and engaging.
  • Mirrors should be placed with care, as they can draw in positive or negative energy depending on where they are located.  In general, use mirrors to reflect scenery and beautiful things such as artwork.  It's best to avoid placing mirrors opposite an entrance, as people are more likely to be concerned with their appearance than take notice of the home.
  • Filling your home with tacky 'lucky' objects will not necessarily improve your Feng Shui, and may have the opposite effect.  Properly implemented Feng Shui remedies should blend seamlessly with your décor.
  • Lift the energy of your living space using fresh flowers. Keep artificial flowers dust free, and toss away dried flowers - they are a Feng Shui crime!
  • Stale air is stagnant energy (Sha Qi), so open windows and doors daily to bring fresh air in the home.  Use plants to help recycle indoor air and avoid spraying conventional air fresheners - they contain nasty chemicals.
  • De-clutter and be liberated!  Use the clutter test and ask yourself: Do I need it, use it or love it? Generate cash by selling your clutter, or donate it to someone in need.
  • Don't display unwanted gifts around your home.  Items you dislike stir negative feelings and bring about unfavourable energy.
  • Water features have a powerful influence in Feng Shui, and amplify energy regardless of whether it's positive or negative.  Water features include swimming pools, fish tanks, ponds and fountains.  Natural water forms such as the ocean, rivers and creeks also affect Feng Shui.  Seek advice from a professional Feng Shui consultant when considering the placement of a water feature in your property. 

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