Interior Decorating and Design Tips

  • The key goals of good interior design are balance and unity.  Aim for design harmony through repetition of colour, pattern or shape, and follow a consistent theme throughout the interior.
  • Be faithful to what you like and add personality by decorating with things you love.  However, try to avoid a cluttered look - a few decorating pieces looks more pleasing to the eye than a room filled with lots of little knick knacks.
  • Add wow factor to a room by emphasising one or two focal points, such as a dramatic piece of artwork or beautiful flowers or accessories. Too many focal points will look chaotic, and not having a focal point will leave a room looking bland.
  • Colours look more intense when they're used over a large surface area.  If you're having trouble deciding between shades, go for a lighter shade and view a larger sample.
  • The appearance of colours and finishes will vary in different locations and under different lighting.  A colour will also take on a different appearance when placed next to another colour.  To help you decide, ask your supplier for samples and view them together in their designated space.
  • Instead of buying a 'set' of furniture, collect your furniture pieces separately.  Look for different pieces that have a unifying element, like colour, pattern or shape.  This is often cheaper, and it's the way that interior decorators and designers furnish homes.
  • Make practical choices and select items that are suitable for your lifestyle.  Decorate with a view to creating comfort for you and your family.
  • Choose furniture that is an appropriate size, and proportionate to the size of your room.  Leave enough space around your furniture to allow people to move around freely.
  • If you don't know where to start, flick through some design magazines and cut out the things you like - then contact us to book a consultation.

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