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Jane Langof and her team at Feng Shui Concepts specialise in Feng Shui design projects, and work in partnership with leading architects and builders for large commercial projects such as resort and casino development, office refurbishments, property developments, high end residential developments and club renovations in the gaming industry.

  • Our stages of Feng Shui analysis begin with a preliminary site assessment, where we visit the site to obtain an accurate compass reading of the facing direction of the building. We conduct a Form School Feng Shui assessment of the landscape and urban structures surrounding the site.
  • The Feng Shui analysis involves determining the birth chart or energetic map of the building, analysing energy and water flows, the physical landscape, and the effect of weather patterns.
  • We analyse the quality of tangible and intangible energies within the property, the interaction of human qi and how the energetic map of the property can affect its occupants.
  • We provide Feng Shui recommendations and advice on building layouts, design elements, lighting, colour, forms, shapes and locations of main functional areas. Floor plans, perspective drawings and finishes are reviewed from a Feng Shui perspective.
  • Recommendations are provided to enhance favourable energies such as the wealth sector, and reduce the impact of unfavourable energies where possible. We assess the best positions for key functional areas and locations for major forms and elements such as water and fire features. We consider design elements and auspicious symbols from an Asian cultural perspective to ensure that the property feels like a lucky place to be.

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to determine favourable directions, and to make sure that the Feng Shui remedies support the elements that you personally need.