Feng Shui Consultations - Small Business

In a Feng Shui business consultation you are provided with solutions to boost positive energy and deactivate negative influences in the workplace, to help enhance the performance of your business.

  • Discover your wealth sector and the best place to locate your sales staff.  Learn how to activate your wealth sector to enhance business opportunities and prosperity.
  • Create a harmonious and Feng Shui friendly environment that encourages good relationships and improves staff morale.
  • Learn how Building Biology hazards in your workplace may affect absenteeism and energy levels of your staff.  Be empowered to make improvements with practical information and simple solutions.
  • You will have access to professional decorating advice for colours, furnishings, layouts and for questions regarding the interior design of your business premises.
  • Improve the look and feel of your workplace with Feng Shui and Interior Design solutions, and make it a pleasant and welcoming environment for your people and customers.


Your consultation includes:

  • An on-site visit and a thorough evaluation of your business using Traditional Feng Shui techniques, incorporating Form, Compass and Flying star theory.
  • A report specific to your business, containing essential information and complete solutions to improve the Feng Shui of your business.
  • A review of your website or key marketing material, and helpful feedback to improve the customer experience.  Your website can be just as important in Feng Shui as your actual business premises.
  • A review of the birth chart for the managing director to determine favourable directions and to ensure Feng Shui remedies, recommended colours and elements are supportive.
  • A Building Biology review of health hazards such as electro-magnetic fields, chemical products, mould, dust, air contaminants and more.  Building Biology is also known as Modern Feng Shui.
  • Telephone and email support to help you implement recommendations contained in the Feng Shui analysis.

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to determine favourable directions, and to make sure that the Feng Shui remedies support the elements that you personally need.