Building and Renovations

There is no better time to implement good Feng Shui than at the planning stages of building, renovation or fit-out. Feng Shui Concepts provides advice on interior design and the best possible layout to energetically support wealth, health and harmonious relationships.

For homes:

  • Design your floorplan with a view to activating your wealth sector, to support and enhance your prosperity.
  • Create a layout that provides energetic support to help you attract and maintain loving and harmonious relationships.
  • Build in a way that minimises Building Biology health hazards such as electro-magnetic fields, indoor air pollution and chemical exposure.
  • Use the principles of Feng Shui and good design to make your home a welcoming space that you enjoy living in.
  • Professional design advice on colours, furnishings, fixtures and layouts.

For businesses:

  • Take optimal advantage of your wealth sector and determine the best place to locate your sales staff. Activate the wealth sector to enhance business opportunities and prosperity.
  • Build a harmonious environment that encourages good relationships and high staff morale.
  • Use an optimal layout to raise energy levels of staff and minimise Building Biology health hazards in the workplace which may affect absenteeism.
  • Use the principles of Feng Shui and good design to make your workplace a pleasant and welcoming environment for your people and customers.

Our services:

  • Traditional Feng Shui analysis and solutions
  • Optimal layouts and space planning
  • Interior styling, colours and finishing touches
  • Sourcing products from exclusive suppliers
  • Advice on design for kitchens, bathrooms and storage
  • Advice on lighting for style and function
  • Landscaping recommendations
  • Established relationships with quality tradespeople

Our style:

  • We help you take advantage of the best floor plan and layout options to maximise your Feng Shui potential.
  • We focus on practicality to ensure that the end result is suitable to your lifestyle and budget.
  • We help you select stylish and functional finishes and fixtures.
  • We work harmoniously with other consultants, quality tradespeople and suppliers to deliver the right Feng Shui design solutions for you.
  • We offer a flexible service to suit your needs.
  • We are professional, efficient and great to work with!

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