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Feng Shui is a fascinating subject that's fast growing in appeal - especially as community attitudes are shifting from a material focus to an emphasis on improving lifestyles, happiness and wellbeing.  We love to get on our soap box and spread the word about the benefits of Feng Shui design.  So if you have any burning questions to ask a Feng Shui advisor, feel free to get in touch.

Insight Magazine article by Jane Langof Feng Shui consultant Sydney

Insight Magazine, 5 Elements for Success

The article "5 Elements for Success" discusses the ancient Chinese proverb "First is a man's Destiny, Second is his Luck, Third is his Feng Shui, Fourth is his Virtue, and Fifth is his Knowledge".  Jane Langof uses her experience as a Feng Shui consultant to help you apply these principles to your personal journey, to help you attract more success and happiness.

Insight Magazine Guest editor note Jane Langof Feng Shui consultant Sydney

Insight Magazine, Guest Editor

Insight Magazine is Australia's No.1 spiritual lifestyle magazine, distributed nationally and online.

Jane Langof was the guest editor of Insight Magazine in January 2010, and as part of this role Jane invited five expert colleagues in the wellbeing industry to write informative and uplifting articles about Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology, meditation, health and spirituality.

Interview with Jane Langof, Feng Shui consultant & designer Jane Langof

The Organised Office Webinar Series, Feng Shui for Business Success, Interview

De-clutter queen and professional organiser Kat Tate of Kat & Kaboodle interviewed Jane for her webinar series The Organised Office.  Jane shares general tips and hints to help business owners improve Feng Shui in the office.

Find Investment Property - Article by Jane Langof Feng Shui Consultant Sydney

Find Investment Property, The growing demand for Feng Shui, Online

Find Investment Property helps property sellers and buyers with information about new property developments.

Changes to foreign ownership rules by Australia's Foreign Review Board is resulting in greater activity by Chinese Property Investors.

Property Women Newsletter article - Feng Shui tips for choosing property

Property Women, Feng Shui Tips for Choosing Property

Property Women provide independent education, information, inspiration and association for women involved in property. 

We were invited to write a Feng Shui article as a resource for their Diamond Membership subscribers.

Pure Calma - Article by Feng Shui consultant Sydney

Pure Calma, Feng Shui tips for your home, Online

Pure Calma is an online wellbeing magazine that provides a broad range of information in the holistic, fitness and wellbeing field.

"Feng Shui focuses on the flow of energy in our buildings and environment, and how this energy impacts us on a mental, physical and spiritual level. Every home is unique, and the analysis of the compass direction, floor plan and age of the building allows a Traditional Feng Shui consultant to read the energy map of a home."


Homeone, Helping you choose the right home, Online

Homeone is a trusted online building resource for people seeking solutions to unique home building and renovation needs.

"Savvy property investors and home buyers ask for advice from a Feng Shui consultant when choosing a new home to make sure that the energy supports good health, relationships and prosperity.  Jane Langof shares tips on what to look for when choosing a new home."


Get Your Biz Savvy, Feng Shui Your Website, Online

GetYourBizSavvy interviews top entrepreneurs, innovators and entertainers.  The website was created to provide inspiration and to give people knowledge and confidence that they can fulfil their dreams.

"You've heard about Feng Shui for your office, but how about Feng Shui for your website?  If you use a website in your business, Feng Shui principles can be applied to your site to help attract customers to your products and services."


Get Your Biz Savvy, Feng Shui Your Office, Online

Feng Shui tips and advice to improve energy in your office, from Traditional Feng Shui consultants in Sydney.

Master 360, Meet the Masters Interview, Online

Jane is interviewed for Master 360, a community based website for people who are experts or professionals in their field to connect and share with others.  During the interview we discussed the inspiration for Jane's radical career change, the type of clients she works with and community attitudes to Feng Shui. 


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