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Feng Shui is a fascinating subject that's fast growing in appeal - especially as community attitudes are shifting from a material focus to an emphasis on improving lifestyles, happiness and wellbeing.  We love to get on our soap box and spread the word about the benefits of Feng Shui design.  Here's a collection of our favourite media work.

Channel 7 Morning show with Kylie and Larry Feng Shui interview

Channel 7 Morning Show, Fabulous Feng Shui, TV Interview

More celebrities are turning to Feng Shui advisors, including Victoria Beckham, who has used Feng Shui in her own "posh" palace.  Kylie Gillies and Larry Emdur interview Jane Langof on Feng Shui tips to create more positive energy in your home.

2GB Interview - Feng Shui consultant Sydney

2GB Radio Interview, Money news small business show

2GB radio presenter Prue MacSween interviews Jane about Feng Shui tips for improving your business. 

In Prue's entertaining style, she ponders the question - "Can Feng Shui really benefit your business, or do some people think it's a lot of Chop Suey?"

Cleo Magazine July 2011

Cleo Magazine, Be your own happiness guru

"Reasearch has shown that happiness has less to do with circumstances and more to do with genetics, and, most importantly, the way we think about ourselves and the world.

Jessica Martin asks 10 of the happiest experts in biz  their top tips to help you live your best life.  Check out our Feng Shui tips for living in a happy home!

Cleo Magazine July 2011

Cosmopolitan Magazine, Fix a bad mood in 60 seconds

Kimberly Gillan interviews a range of health and lifestyle experts and authors on how to uplift your mood and improve your level of happiness, whether you've got a spare minute or a whole day.

Kimberly writes "According to research by US psychology professors Kennon Sheldon and Sonja Lyubomirsky, a whopping 40 per cent of our happiness comes directly from the things we do - the other 60 per cent is a combination of genetics and life circumstances."

Good Health Magazine article by Jane Langof Feng Shui consultant

Good Health Magazine, Lift your energy naturally

Everyone knows that the right amount of sleep, exercise and a healthy diet will boost your energy levels, but what should you do if you're still feeling "zapped"?

This article by Bonnie Cleaver explains the best alternative ways to help you lift your energy levels, naturally.  Check out our Feng Shui tips for clearing clutter.

Girlfriend Magazine, Feng Shui your room 

"We've got ways to make your room happier, brighter and basically more amazing to be in - that doesn't involve One Direction posters!" 

This article by Wendy Hoang contains Feng Shui tips that might just inspire the messy teenager in your life!

Domain, Small Things you can do to improve your home's appeal

Erin Munro interviews Feng Shui consultants about tips to improve the appeal of your home.  Check out the cute video explaining Feng Shui.

Sunday Telegraph Article - Feng Shui consultant Sydney

Sunday Telegraph Newspaper, We're picking up good vibrations

The Sunday Telegraph interviews leading property experts, Feng Shui consultants and their clients on the benefits of Traditional Feng Shui.

"Even real estate agents are turning to Feng Shui, writes Katrina Creer.  Agent John McGrath describes the practice as “common sense” and says his agency has used Feng Shui when trying to sell a difficult property.  “A lot of it is about clearing and creating a better energy in a property and I think that can help,” McGrath says.  “If nothing else, it creates a fresh approach and brings some focus to the property."

Sun Herald Feng Shui Living in Harmony

Herald Sun Newspaper, Living in Harmony

Property buyers and sellers are turning to Feng Shui for success.

"You can have a beautiful house at the right price and in a fantastic area, but if the feng shui isn't right, they certainly won't buy it" Philip Webb Real Estate Principal, Philip Webb

The living area photographed in this article is by Feng Shui consultant and designer Jane Langof.

Northern District Times Feng Shui article

Northern District Times, Bring balance and harmony to your home

Jingwen Sun from Northern District Times interviewed Jane Langof for a Feng Shui lecture presented for Ryde City Council in celebration of Seniors Week 2012.

The Feng Shui lecture covered the importance and benefits of Feng Shui for residential properties.  "Feng Shui is important because each home has a unique map of energy that influences the health, wealth and relationships of the people living there.  Feng Shui is usually used when doing renovations, designing a new home or choosing a property".  Jane Langof, Feng Shui Concepts

Insight Magazine Article - Feng Shui consultant Sydney

Insight Magazine, Feng Shui tips for harmonious living

Insight Magazine is Australia's No.1 spiritual lifestyle magazine, distributed nationally and online.

Feng Shui tips for harmonious living has some easy Feng Shui tips and advice that you can use in your home, to help you achieve a harmonious lifestyle.

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