What's involved in a Feng Shui Consultation?

A consultation for the home by Feng Shui Concepts involves the analysis of:

  • The floor plan of your home
  • The compass direction of your home
  • The age of your home

This information is used by the Feng Shui consultant to calculate the "Flying Star Chart", which is a grid of numbers that corresponds to various parts (sectors) of the home. 

The Flying Star chart of your home is like an "energetic blueprint", and each combination of numbers has a specific meaning in Feng Shui theory.  The Flying Star chart will indicate whether or not the Feng Shui of your home energetically supports your health, wealth and relationships. 

Different areas and rooms in your home will contain varying patterns of energy, which will either be favourable, unfavourable or neutral.  The objective of a Feng Shui consultant is to enhance and make the most of the favourable energy and neutralize or reduce the effect of the negative influences.

The Feng Shui consultant focuses on the active areas in your home, especially the location of the main entrance, and the bedrooms.  The Feng Shui analysis of your bedroom will provide an insight into your relationships and health, and the energy in your main entrance will indicate your ability to make money.  If your main entrance is located in your wealth sector, it's an indication that the Feng Shui of the home strongly supports finances and wealth.  If your wealth sector is located in the bathroom, it's an indication that money is going down the drain!

In addition to analysing your Flying Star Chart, the Feng Shui consultant considers physical landforms, structures, shapes and objects in and around the home.  The Form School analysis of your home are an important part of your Feng Shui consultation. 

The 'health' of your home is also reviewed by the Feng Shui consultant.  Building Biology (also known as modern Feng Shui) focuses on physical aspects of the building such as mould, dust, indoor air quality, electro-magnetic fields and chemicals, that can affect your health and quality of sleep.

You will be provided with a report that gives you the solutions you need to improve all aspects of your Feng Shui.  Feng Shui remedies are based on the Five Elements of fire, earth, metal, water and wood.  

Feng Shui remedies are often simple and inexpensive and may require the placement of a particular object or use of a specific colour.  Occasionally it may be beneficial to alter furniture layouts, change bedrooms or use an alternative entrance to your home.  This may be recommended to help you tap into more favourable energies.  Your Feng Shui consultant can generally provide different options, and you can choose the Feng Shui remedies that best suit your lifestyle.  You are also provided with advice on clutter and space clearing. 

Feng Shui Concepts provides many services including professional Interior Decorating and Design advice to support your Feng Shui analysis.  If you would like to book in a Feng Shui consultation, you will be asked to fill in a questionnaire, provide a floor plan and schedule an appointment for a home visit.

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