Wealth Sector

The wealth sector of a building is also referred to in Feng Shui terms as the "Noble".  The Noble represents wealth, and to activate this energy, it is best located in an active area such as your main entrance or frequently used living space.  The wealth sector of a building changes significantly every twenty years.  In addition to this, the wealth sector is influenced by energy patterns that shift each year.  This explains why the Feng Shui of a home or business may be supportive during a particular period, and may deteriorate suddenly after a certain year.

If your wealth sector is found to be in an accessible location, the placement of a moving water feature will be recommended.  Water features are used to enhance the energy located in the wealth sector, to support prosperity.  Examples of water features include swimming pools, fish tanks and fountains.  When selecting a water feature, it is important that you are able to hear the sound of moving water.  It is also important to keep the water feature clean and well maintained.

Sometimes the wealth sector of a building is located in an area where it can't be used, such as a bathroom or storage area.  In this case it may not be possible to tap into the beneficial energy of the wealth sector, without conducting renovations.

While enhancing your wealth sector with a water feature can create a more supportive environment for your prosperity, improving the Feng Shui alone is not enough to improve your finances. 

Obviously there are other factors that will influence your financial situation, such as the political prosperity of the country you are living in, the socio-economic climate, and your attitude, determination and hard work.  Using positive affirmations, thoughts, and most importantly, actions, will help you to convert your opportunities into wealth.  Feng Shui is part of the solution to help you make a positive difference to your life.

There are simplistic methods of Feng Shui that advise people to place water features in the same relative location for each home.  This idea is a nonsense according to Traditional Feng Shui principles.  True Feng Shui requires complex analysis of the floor plan, compass direction and age of the building.

Water features have a very powerful influence in Feng Shui as they can energetically amplify both positive and negative energies. 

If you have noticed circumstances in your life changing for the worse since installing a water feature, switch off the water feature or move it.  Then call an accredited Traditional Feng Shui consultant to help you determine the correct placement.

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