The Three Lucks

While improving your Feng Shui can enhance all aspects of your life, there are factors aside from Feng Shui that determine the state of your life or business. 

According to Chinese scholars, a person's life is determined by factors also known as "The Three Lucks" - Heaven Luck, Earth Luck and Man Luck.  Heaven luck is believed to be pre-determined at birth, and relates to a person's potential based on their destiny, previous karma and genetic make-up.

Earth luck represents the environmental influences that affect a person's life, such as the weather, landform, colour, shapes and architectural elements.  Earth luck is determined by the political situation, prosperity and general state of a person's birth location as well as the Feng Shui of their environment.

Man luck is the most important influence and can have the greatest impact on your life.  Man luck is determined by hard work, attitude, determination, education, self development, and how charitable a person is towards others.

Each type of "luck" represents the reasons a person's life is the way it is.  While improving the Feng Shui in the home or office can bring positive energy and opportunities, it is up to the individual and their Man Luck, to bring those opportunities to fruition.

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