Furniture Layouts

As with landscapes and structures around the home, the internal layout of rooms should ideally follow the same Form School principles.

When arranging furniture in a room, the Black Tortoise is the most important 'celestial animal', and this refers to anything located immediately behind the furniture, such as a solid wall behind a bed.  A good Black Tortoise behind a bed or chair provides support and protection to the person sitting in front of it.

In your lounge room, placing all of your seating in front of solid walls may not be practical for the layout.  If a sofa needs to 'float' in the middle of the room, you can create a Black Tortoise by using a screen, or placing a piece of furniture such as a console behind the sofa and arrange some decorative accessories such as vases, lamps, bowls and books, to exceed head height while seated.

Beds should ideally be located before a solid wall, rather than a wall containing windows.  If your bedroom wall contains small windows close to ceiling height, this will still provide a good level of support.  Sometimes the layout of a bedroom may be restrictive, or the Building Biology assessment may suggest that a certain part of the room is unsafe due to issues such as electro-magnetic radiation.  The Flying Star analysis may also suggest that unfavourable energies exist in the area where the solid wall is located.  If this is the case and you need to place your bed in front of a window, it is preferable to use a solid bed head (such as an upholstered or timber bed head), with its height exceeding the base height of the window.  Thick window coverings such as drapes are also recommended to provide additional support and protection.

Study and office desks are ideally located so that your back faces a solid wall, to provide backing and support.  Sometimes your Flying Star analysis will override the ideal location of your desk from a Form School perpective and if this is the case, please do not become concerned, as compromises generally must be made to achieve the best result overall.

Another factor to consider when arranging furniture is the "Red Phoenix".  This refers to something appealing located at the front of your furniture layout to attract Qi into the area.  For a lounge room this may represent an attractive rug or coffee table, and for a bedroom this could be a decorative throw at the end of the bed.

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