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Form School Feng Shui is a study of the internal layouts, furniture placement, landforms and landscapes around the home or office and how this impacts on the balance and harmony of the site.  During a consultation by Feng Shui Concepts you will be provided with relevant information and suggestions to make improvements to your Feng Shui, taking into account Form School principles.

Natural landforms and structures around the home represent opportunities, support, motivation and drive of the occupants in the home to work and progress in life.  In Form School Feng Shui, there are four main aspects of the landscape that need to be considered.  These are referred to in Feng Shui as the 'four celestial animals', and they are called the Red Bird, Black Tortoise, White Tiger and Green Dragon.  These are symbolic terms in Feng Shui theory, not to be confused with the real animals!

Red Bird

The Red Bird is the most important of the four celestial animals and refers to the front of a home and the structures and surrounding area that are first encountered when entering a property.  This may include your front garden, fence, hedge, façade of the home, a neighbouring building or any other structure in immediate proximity.

The Red Bird symbolically represents the ability of Qi or life energy to enter the home or office, as well as the ability of the occupants to attract favourable opportunities.  The objective in Feng Shui is to make the front of your home or business as attractive as possible to encourage greater opportunities to enter your life. 

Qi is attracted to water, so having a clean moving water feature at the front of the home is ideal, however it is important to seek the help of an accredited Feng Shui consultant prior to placement, as moving water amplifies any energy found in an area - both seen and unseen energies, regardless of being positive or negative.

Black Tortoise

In Form School Feng Shui, the Black Tortoise is represented by structures located at the rear of the building and can include a hill, mountain, trees, hedges, fences, bodies of water or other homes. 

The Black Tortoise is an important symbolic animal as this provides protection and support to the people living in the home or building.  The Black Tortoise also reflects the relationship and level of support that the occupants have in their career, from their boss or superiors at work.

Anything behind the home that can be seen from the front of the building is regarded as the Black Tortoise.  If it is not possible to see anything, this suggests that the Black Tortoise may be weak, and this symbolically represents a lack of protection, and a lack of support from superiors at work.  If the land slopes upwards or there are trees or other structures visible behind the roof line of your home this suggests a stronger influence and therefore more support and protection.

An example of an ideal scenario would be a row of trees or hedges along the rear boundary of a house, visible above the roof line when standing across the road.  Planting trees is a good way to remedy a situation when there is no Black Tortoise.

Green Dragon and White Tiger

The Green Dragon is any structure located immediately to the right side of a house, when facing the home.  This may be represented by a hill, mountain, trees, hedges, fences, or neighbouring buildings.

The Green Dragon provides Yang energy to a site and symbolically represents the motivation and drive of the occupants to lead a productive life.  The Green Dragon also represents the level of support provided by colleagues at work.

The White Tiger is any structure located immediately to the left side of a house, when facing the home.  The White Tiger provides Yin energy to a site and symbolically represents the ability of the occupants to rest and relax.  It also represents the level of support provided by colleagues at work.  Ideally, the Green Dragon should be larger than the White Tiger. 

Therefore, when facing a home, the structures located at the right hand side of a building should be greater than those to the left of the home.  This would bring a good mix of Yin and Yang energy, which provides enough motivation for the occupants to be productive in life, but also the ability to relax, sleep and enjoy work life balance.

It is possible to remedy imbalances in these structures by growing tall trees, hedges or erecting structures such as fences.  Although fences are not generally very tall, they still provide some energetic level of support.

If your home does not have the perfect landscape from a Form School perspective, there is no need to become overly concerned, as there are few properties that do.  Always focus on making the changes that are possible, rather than dwelling on things that can't be changed.  There are many factors that determine the Feng Shui of a building and this is just one piece of the puzzle.


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