Schools of Feng Shui

There are different schools of Feng Shui, and Flying Star School is considered to be the most accurate and powerful school of Feng Shui.  Flying Star School theories are used in conjunction with Form School to form the basis of Traditional Feng Shui, which is used by Feng Shui Concepts and is the method endorsed by the Association of Feng Shui Consultants.

Form School theories focus on the surrounding landscape and creating harmony in the site.  Furniture layouts are also analysed to create an optimal flow of energy within the building.

Compass School theory looks into the influence of the facing direction of a building faces and how this affects the fortune of its occupants.  Taking an accurate directional measurement with a compass or Lopan is an important process in assessing Feng Shui.

Flying Star School theory is the most complex and powerful form of Feng Shui, using techniques to analyse the unseen or intangible energies of a building, with a defined set of rules and mathematical formula.  Flying Star theory takes into account the influence of time when assessing the energies of a building, as the Feng Shui of a building will change over time.

There are other forms of Feng Shui that are referred to in books and publications, many of which provide conflicting and confusing information.  To protect the true secrets of Feng Shui, many original Feng Shui texts were over-simplified, with their methods producing short-lived results.  These methods are not  practiced by Feng Shui Concepts.

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