Staircases Facing the Front Door

Posted by Jane Langof on 28 May 2015 | 18 Comments

A common question from clients is about the Feng Shui implications of a staircase facing their front door.  From a Feng Shui perspective it's generally unfavourable to have a staircase facing your front door, as this symbolically represents energy (Qi) and wealth rushing down the staircase and out of the home. 

The factors which determine the impact of a staircase facing the front door are:

  • The distance between the staircase and your front door
  • The steepness of the staircase leading to the door

In general, the further the distance between the staircase and your front door, the less impact it will have on your Feng Shui.  Also, if there are only a few steps facing your front door it is not likely to be a problem.

If you have a very steep staircase that is close to the door and in direct alignment, this is generally not ideal for your Feng Shui.  The energy should ideally meander harmoniously throughout your home, rather than rush up and down staircases. 

All homes and staircases are different, and Feng Shui remedies can take the form of specific colours, elements and accessories.  Here are some general Feng Shui tips on what to do if your stairs face your front door:

  • Have something noticeable from the front entrance that draws the eye when looking into the home. This could be a beautiful pot plant, a chandelier, a vase of flowers or an indoor water feature (only if this supports your Flying Star School analysis). This will help to symbolically draw energy and opportunities into the home.
  • Consider placing a decorative screen between the stairs and the entrance to divert the energy so that it settles harmoniously, rather than rushes up and down the staircase. This will only be appropriate if you have ample floor space or a foyer.
  • Mount paintings, photographs or wall art along the wall of the staircase to enable the energy to meander up the stairs. This will also slow the energy on the way down.
  • If you can see the landing of the stairs from your front door, place something attractive there to draw your eye upwards. Only consider doing this is if you have enough floor space, otherwise hang artwork on the wall.
  • Some Feng Shui consultants recommend hanging wind chimes at the base of the stairs. Wind chimes are technically useless unless they are outside and moving in the wind. Metal wind chimes can also activate certain 'unseen' energies from a Flying Star School perspective.  Seek the advice of an accredited Feng Shui master if you need more information.

Finally don't forget that there are many elements to consider when assessing Feng Shui in the home.  If your staircase is a Feng Shui problem, don't waste energy worrying about it - my advice is always to focus on changing the things you can!

If you have any questions or comments to add about staircases and your Feng Shui, you're invited to post comments on the blog.

Jane Langof is a Feng Shui master based in Sydney, Australia

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  • Great ideas...
    Thanks for sharing this

    Posted by Shamima Sultana, 13/04/2010 3:24pm (10 years ago)

  • Thanks Jane for posting this very informative solutions for this common Fengshui problem.

    My front door is only about 2 steps away from the stairs going up, its a straight up stairs have a gentle turn to the left. Given the smal foyer I have, I have opt for hanging a painting ( a long scoll of Chinese Gwuan Gong) on the wall where the landing of the stairs, so the painting is pretty much facing the front door as well.

    I've also placed a pot plant at the bottom of the stairs and hang a crystal over the stairs.

    I've also heard mirror could also be a remedy for this Fengshui problem and wondering where I should place it. I have a perfect space on the side wall at the bottom of the stairs so its not directly facing the front door. Do you think it would be beneficial?

    Any other thoughts would be much appreicated.


    Posted by Grace Niu, 12/04/2010 1:46pm (10 years ago)

  • Thanks for your contribution Alex. You've raised some valid points.

    My consultations also consider Form School principles, as I believe the landscape around a home will absolutely influence Feng Shui. Landscapes and structures around a home can impact the light, air, and Qi within a home.

    Of course there are other things to consider aside from Feng Shui such as a person's 'Heaven Luck' and 'Man Luck'. Some people are influenced more by Feng Shui than others.

    There are so many different opinions when it comes to Feng Shui, and consultants are also different in their approach and the methods they use. The best thing to do is to find a consultant that you resonate with. Above all, make sure that your Feng Shui consultant is accredited and that they are proficient in Flying Star School Feng Shui.

    Posted by Jane Langof, 30/05/2009 9:42am (10 years ago)

  • Thanks very much for your advice.

    Feng Shui is based on YiQing which teaches the similarity principles of Gua (e.g. the essence of 64 Gua). Therefore, a real traditional Feng Shui should ONLY mention about the "design of the pathway" of the house INSIDE, not OUTSIDE of the house. They are just landscape, not Feng Shui.

    Moreover, Energy or called "Qi" is not just that simple, it's a combination of light and room, not a color combination.

    In addition, a certified Feng Shui consultant should be able to tell your customer what happened in the past in the house through audit and verify the lopan data. Answers must be very concrete.

    Hope it helps~~

    Posted by AlexCW, 29/05/2009 4:44pm (10 years ago)

  • Hi Teresanna,
    I'll be posting more Feng Shui dilemmas & Feng Shui remedies on my blog over the coming weeks. Stay tuned :)

    Posted by Jane Langof, 29/05/2009 4:21pm (10 years ago)

  • V interesting... & at least the undesirables have some solutions!

    Posted by Teresanna, 29/05/2009 3:45pm (10 years ago)

  • Hi Linda, I agree the screens at Soul Design are beautiful! Web link is Thanks for your comment.
    Jane :)

    Posted by Jane Langof, 29/05/2009 8:34am (10 years ago)

  • Great Article Jane.
    If anyone interested in screens we have some very beautiful screens.

    I didnt even think of our stairs facing the door till i read your article - great tips - thank you

    Posted by Linda Taneja, 29/05/2009 8:06am (10 years ago)

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